Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tenant Proof Bath Tub and Shower Design

For a tenant proof  bath tub/ shower area, tile the entire wall including the ceilings. This will prevent water damage to the shower ceiling from broken shower nozzles or aggressive shower cleaning. If you can afford to do so I recommend also tiling the ceiling a foot or two past the shower ceiling or even better the whole bathroom ceiling.

Tiling the ceiling wall of the shower or even the entire bathroom ceiling was typically done in 1930's bathroom such as the one pictured above. Later on this very practical tiling practice was abandoned, most likely due to builder costs. Leaving homeowners with the odious task of repainting and replacing the shower ceiling every few years. If have your very own pink and green 1930's vintage shower as pictured above be sure to keep it. You can of course create your own 30's inspired shower using black and white subway tile with gray grout. This color scheme will appeal to the greatest number of tenants. The initial cost will be more but you won't need to ever paint or repair the walls due to a broken shower nozzle. I also recommend taking the opportunity to add a support bar attached to the stud walls at this time.

 Here is another tiled shower/tub combinations.

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