Friday, November 16, 2012

Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry That Last

Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry Design Part 1

This period kitchen is from the 1920's. It is still around today in 2012 over 90 years after it was built. Why when kitchens are the most remodeled rooms in homes? The reason is because this kitchen was built specifically for this space.The kitchen cabinetry was designed to meet the needs of the cook to provide storage, preparation  and cooking space while taking advantage of every inch of space. Although many things have changed the basic components of a kitchen have not. Notice the upper cabinetry is built all the way up to the ceiling. The cabinetry fits this kitchen like a well tailored suit. 

The particular building method of this cabinetry, the inset frame style, denotes quality because of the skill and precision required to build them. Both the door and drawers of this cabinetry sit flush with the frame of the cabinetry. The door and drawer style also play into this timeless look. The door style is a square inset flat panel door, otherwise known as a Shaker door style. The flat or slab drawer fronts play a crucial role in the classical aspect of the design through their lack of ornamentation. See the example image below from Crown Point cabinetry notice the flat front drawer fits inside the frame as does the square inset flat panel door. These are very plain in style and will not go out of fashion.

The choice of an off white oil based enamel paint for the cabinetry appeals to a wide variety of tastes and is not likely to trigger a negative reaction.  Color like pattern is very subjective and waxes and wanes with the dictates of fashion. Soft and muted neutral colors such as creamy, off white, antique white, bisque, beige and soft grey work well across many time periods offending no one. These colors provide a neutral palate that one does not grow tired of. They enable the accessorizing with objects that provide color and patterns and can easily be changed as tastes change.

Particular wood species trends vary across decades and may not appeal to as many individuals as a neutral painted wood finish. If you want a wood tone chose a mid tone color so it it not too light or too dark. Remember the 90's oak kitchen cabinet trend or the knotty pine trend of the 1960's? How about  the picked oak finish of the late 1990's or the dark cherry finish of the 1980's? This is why it is better to stick with a neutral painted finish or a mid tone stain in wood.

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