Friday, July 29, 2011

Vintage Sink Designs (Why Don't They Make Them Like This Anymore?)

Sometimes you don't know a good thing until its gone and you re-discover it again. The porcelain coated cast iron sinks with an integral backsplash are some of those things. These great sinks protected walls from splashes, kept water where it belonged, in the sink, and were a breeze to clean.

The porcelain cast iron double drainboard sink pictured above has a high arc faucet on this reproduction sink that is not Tenant Proof as it defeats the backsplash purpose of preventing water from splashing up onto the walls.

Here is an example of a single drainboard style sink with the much more fitting original faucet and integral soap disk. Also notice how much more bulbous and curved the top of the back splash is on the single drainboard sink making it much more appealing. These sinks were very common in the 30's and 40's and for some reason fell out of style. Some of them were scrubbed with abrasive cleansers that wore away the finish and some did develop chips where heavy objects were dropped.

This is a porcelain over cast iron single drainboard sink with a side splash.

Old fashioned cast iron sink with seamless backsplash image from

This is a 1920's china utility sink the rolled edges prevents lots of splash over from
Image is from

Classic Marble sink top with 10 inch high backsplash image also from 

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